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​Westerville Central Theatre

​Game of Tiaras

Show dates:​
​January 27-29
Tickets $6

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We are troupe 6750.  We've been around since Westerville Central opened in 2003.  We teach your students quality acting, technical, and costuming techniques, which comes together to create a quality show!  Interested in tickets or getting involved?  Explore our website! 

Featured above are some of our technical crew after a long show of "Guys and Dolls".  Troupe 6750 thespians, click the button below to go to your private page! 

List of Past Shows

Above is a photo of the cast of "Shrek" performing in a surprise flash mob in the WCHS commons during a lunch period.  Troupe 6750 thespians, click the button below to go to your private page!


Be sure to roam the website for anything you may need.  Social media is a great way to get connected and keep in touch with the WCHS Theatre program!  Also, go to our contact us page for a direct response!  

Into the Woods

Show dates: 

October 26-29

Tickets $10


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Coming Soon:


General Information

Technical Crew

  • Fools (2014)
  • Our Town (2014)
  • Little Mermaid Jr. (2015)
  • The Crucible (2015)
  • Lend me a Tenor (2015)
  • Shrek the Musical (2016)
  • Doctor U (2016)
  • Pride @ Prejudice (2016)
  • Guys and Dolls (2017)

A very special thank you to Sharon Kegg (left) for her years of hard work and dedication to our costume shop.  She joined us when the Westerville Civic Theatre produced "Music Man".  Ironically, the first musical she ever performed in was "Music Man" years before.  Since then, Sharon has put in countless hours into the entire community of Westerville.  She's helped our costume designer, Jude, in creating costumes for Westerville North, Westerville Central, and Westerville South.  She has costumed for the community in shows such as "Lion King Jr." and "The Little Mermaid". She has been with us every step of the way and has dedicated endless amounts of time to Troupe 6750, from creating Adelaide's dress in "Guys and Dolls" from scratch, to dresses in "Pride @ Prejudice", to costumes dating way back to "Fools", we couldn't have made it this far without the hard work and dedication of Sharon Kegg.  Thank you so for dedicating so much of your life to making ours better.  We love you and hope you have an amazing time in Florida.

~WCHS Troupe 6750