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​Westerville Central Theatre

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The Warhawk Booster Parent Board meets the first Monday of every month to discuss the current WCHS theatre situations.  They come up with solutions and provide funds to Troupe 6750.

Mark Petrilla

Web Master

Wendy Martin


The Fall Musical

October 26-29
Into The Woods
Tickets $10 ​

The Traveling Show
December 15
Super Tale
Tickets $5

​The Winter Show
January 26-29
Game of Tiaras
Tickets $6

The Dinner Theatre
February 10

​Tickets 10

The Children's Show
February 24 & 25

Tickets $5

The Spring Musical

April 27-29
Beauty and the Beast
Tickets $10

Our Upcoming Shows

Crystal Rodriguez


 About Us

Katie Zink


Derryck Menard

Technical Director

 Our Next Production

Stephanie Matushonek


Melissa Petrilla

Vice President

Suzie Horlocker


Meet Our Directors

Katie Elkins

Show Meals

Jude Berger

Costume Director

We are troupe 6750.  We've been around since Westerville Central opened in 2003.  We teach your students quality acting, technical, and costuming techniques, which comes together to create a quality show!  Please connect with us through social media or contact us via email.  Also, be sure to note the show dates listed at right for dates and times of each upcoming performance.

Julie & Steve Niemet


Meet Our Warhawk Booster Parent Board